About me

Water, space, colour, light, air and silence are the keywords for my painting. I see the human influence on the landscape. I find architecture fascinating in a very broad sense. I also like to travel and like to visit the countries around the Mediterranean. I also regularly visit the Wadden Islands to paint and to get ideas.

In my paintings I want to show what fascinates me. Where my view more or less happens to fall on and what touches me. A light, a peek or a nice view.

For example: In Venice I was moved by the light and the beautiful colors. Not only the city, but also the fishing islet Burano in the lagoon of Venice. This is very special with its colourful fishing houses.
I bring colour, architecture and water together.

My attention often goes to the water and the forms that reflections can take. It is sometimes calm, making everything appear upside down with only a very slight ripple.
Or just that the reflection breaks in all kinds of crazy shapes, which are a second later different.

Method: Most paintings are painted in several layers and a few à la Prima, that is, at once and on the spot. I usually paint with oil paint, preferably on linen.
The paintings do not always correspond to reality: Much I have omitted, sometimes something changed, the shapes somewhat tighter, the colors a nuance brighter.

Education: Classical Academy of Painting in Groningen (2008-2013)